CHP Support Services

A catastrophic health event or diagnosis brings with it a bewildering array of problems and questions. You and your loved ones are suddenly in need of financial/legal advice, information, medical alternatives, insurance options, and support regarding Social Services and Social Security Disability issues. Our services are tailored to the patient and their family’s specific needs.

Catastrophic Health Planners, Inc. (CHP) can see that you and your family receive information on and assistance with: Financial Planning, Mortgages, Medical Services, Accounting Services, Legal Services, Insurance Services, Counseling, Support Groups, Social Security Disability, Social Services Programs and Educational Development.


During catastrophic health event, don’t let your finances get out of control. CHP will put you in touch with financial experts who will guide your financial ship navigate in trouble waters.

CHP works with the best certified financial planner (CFP) to assure your peace of mind

CHP financial planners are here to help you navigate your own numbers to determine what makes sense to you

CHP financial planners will work with you to provide a customized plan to help you understand the risks and provide a roadmap for a successful retirement or investment

CHP financial planners are highly trained and specialize in improving the financial well-being of our patients

Whether is all about managing your medical bills, save on your taxes, repair your credit, manage your estate, invest, plan your retirement, or paid your kids college; CHP certified financial planners are here to help

Mortgage & Estates Management

Catastrophic health events are not without incidence on your estate. Let CHP help you through the process.

Estate Tax rates

Medicaid Estate Recovery

CHP will oversee the smooth management of your home, according to Town and Country Resources include accounting, developing household manuals, staff training, managing the calendar and arranging security

Rural practice surveyor

Building control surveyor

Commercial/residential surveyor

Planning and development surveyor

AT CHP we are here to help…


At CHP, Knowing and understanding your needs will enable us to not only give you the best possible insurance but also to deliver the finest experiences.

Boat insurance

Auto insurance

Home insurance

Life insurance

Business insurance

Recreational insurance


Regardless of your situation, CHP will think outside the box for you to have the best rate possible and above state minimum limits

Are you injured at work or have acquire an occupational disease? CHP will help you secure:

Medical treatment

Vocational rehabilitation

Wage replacement benefits

Black Lung Benefits Program

Federal Employees' Compensation Program

Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Program

Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program

filling up a work injury claim form

If you or someone you know has been injured on the job while employed by private companies or state and local government agencies, contact CHP now and our team will guide you through the process.

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