a support system for improving the quality of life


A catastrophic health event or diagnosis brings with it a bewildering array of problems and questions. You and your loved ones are suddenly in need of financial/legal advice, information, medical alternatives, insurance options, and support regarding Social Services and Social Security Disability issues. Our services are tailored to the patient and their family’s specific needs.

Catastrophic Health Planners, Inc. (CHP) can see that you and your family receive information on and assistance with: Financial Planning, Mortgages, Medical Services, Accounting Services, Legal Services, Insurance Services, Counseling, Support Groups, Social Security Disability, Social Services Programs and Educational Development.

CHP’s mission is to provide free educational development, support, and referral services to patients and their families facing a catastrophic health event:

FREE Educational Development and Support

  • Financial Planning

  • Legal Services

  • Social Security Disability

  • Medical Information

  • Counseling

  • Case Management Referral Services

  • Mortgages

  • Residential Property Sales

  • Insurance Services

  • Social Security Disability Filing

  • Workmen’s Compensation

  • Financial Planning

  • Legal Service

  • Accounting Service

  • Case Management