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Overseas Support

Clinic in Nigeria

Dr. Sybil Pentsil is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and currently an emergency pediatric physician at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center. House of Worship, the church she owns operates with her husband, Rev. Fiifi Pentsil, in Owings Mills, Maryland is reaching out to the less fortunate by way of an orphanage and medical center located in northern Nigeria. Due to the widespread poverty of this country, many people can not afford access to basic medical equipment and procedures. House of Worship’s mission is to provide the Nigerian people with the attention and equipment they so desperately need. The most crucial donations needed right now are hospital furniture, diagnostic equipment such as X-ray machines, ultra-sound equipment, and consumables for the laboratory such as serodiagnostic strips and dipsticks. If you are able to donate to this cause, please e-mail Dr. Pentsil at sybilpentsil@verizon.net



Mission in Cameroon

Sister Nancy Stiles, philanthropist and Sister of the Holy Union (a religious community of Catholic women whose mission is to “promote justice based on Gospel values”), is asking for your donations for her medical relief mission in Yaounde, Cameroon. What this mission needs most are basic medical supplies that do not expire such as Band-Aids, gauze, syringes, and fresh vitamins that could be shipped well before their expiration date. Monetary donations are also appreciated. To contact Sister Nancy about donations, please e-mail her at nancysusc@verizon.net


Haiti Missions

Sister Nancy Stiles also requests your contributions to the Holy Union Sisters’ programs in Haiti. Since the Haitian earthquake in 2010, many people have been left without homes. Your monetary donations will be directly transferred to the relief effort with no overhead or government interference. If $5,000 can be raised, it would provide the means to rebuild a single-room house for somebody made homeless by the earthquake; if $6,000 can be raised, it would provide the means to build a house with two rooms.

Nutrition centers have also been established in Port-au-Prince to provide children of two to five years old with a proper nutritional meal every day. Many of these children have been orphaned by the earthquake and are simply too poor to afford a proper diet. Your monetary donations will be a great help in keeping these centers running and providing needy children in Haiti with good, nutritional diets. Again, if you are interested in making a donation, please contact Sister Nancy Stiles at nancysusc@verizon.net

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