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Awards & Certificates

  • Dr. Janet W. Neslen Award

Partnership for a Healthier Carroll County

Presented to: Louis Yeager

  • Certificate of Appreciation: May 17, 2006

Presented by: Dr. Faye Papparlardo, President, Carroll Community College

Presented to: Catastrophic Health Planners, Inc.

“In grateful recognition of your commitment to service-learning and the development of civically engaged students at Carroll Community College”

  • Certificate of Appreciation: April 15, 2005

Presented by: Robert Wack, Chairman

On the occasion of the Dedication Ceremony for Access Carroll–Pathways to Health

Presented to: Louis Yeager

“For outstanding and devoted work on behalf of Access Carroll”

  • Bonds Meadow Rotary Club–Triumph Award: 2005

Presented by: Michael A. Kremer, President, and Scott Brown, Secretary

Presented to: Louis Yeager

“For his outstanding perseverance and determination in overcoming extraordinary severe adverse circumstances and making a positive contribution to our neighborhood and being an inspiration to others in our community”

  • Certificate of Appreciation: September 13, 2003

Cancer: Keys to Survivorship

Presented to: Louis Yeager

“For outstanding contributions to ‘Cancer: Keys to Survivorship'”

  • Certificate of Appreciation: June 1, 2003

Cancer: Keys to Survivorship

Presented to: Louis Yeager

“In recognition and appreciation for outstanding support”

  • Certificate of Achievement: January 1, 2003

The 10-year Achievement Award

Presented to: Louis Yeager and Catastrophic Health Planners

“For 10 years of continued growth and customer satisfaction 1993-2003”

  • Certificate of Special Recognition: May 19, 2003

Presented by: The Honorable C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger, 2nd Congressional District (MD)

Presented to: Louis Yeager and Catastrophic Health Planners, Inc.

“With appreciation for your service and achievement”

  • Governor’s Citation: March 3, 1993

Presented by: the Governor of the State of Maryland, William Donald Schaeffer

Presented to: Louis E. Yeager

“Because of your demonstration of high integrity and ability, meriting our great trust and respect, we are most pleased to award the Governor’s Citation in appreciation of your outstanding services to the citizens of this State.”

  • Making A Difference Award: June 6, 2010

Presented by: Sandra & Malcolm Berman Cancer Institute – Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC)

Presented to: Louis Yeager, Founder and Executive Director, Catastrophic Health Planners

“In recognition of your exceptional dedication to patient first and service excellence”