a support system for improving the quality of life

In Lou’s Words

At the time of the diagnosis, I was only 33 years old, and married for only six months. I had other ideas regarding my future. After going through all the stages of emotions, from fear, to denial, to anger and depression, I finally came to resolution, and took control of my own future. I came to the conclusion that if the battle could not be won, I would attempt to retain the quality of life that my family had dreamed of, planned and had begun to pursue. Effort had to be expended in multiple areas at the same time.

  • How do you find information regarding your disease?
  • What alternative medical treatments are available?
  • What will be the financial impact?
  • How do you financially protect your family?
  • What legal documents should you know about?
  • How do these legal documents affect your medical care?
  • How do you apply disability, medical assistance, experimental treatments, deal with the insurance, creditors, etc., and all while you’re getting sicker everyday?

It wasn’t that there were not hundreds of organizations available, the problem was that they just didn’t get it. I have seen individuals requiring hospice care who are given a list of facilities without ever considering their physical, emotional, financial and family needs. The idea of CHP’s educational development and support is very simple. Bring information and resources directly to the patients and their families so that they may retain the quality of life and dignity they desire.