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faqQ: What are the types of services that CHP offers?

A: Here is a list of the type of services provided by CHP:

  1. Drive patients to their appointments when other means are not possible.
  2. Assist in the refinancing of mortgages in order to obtain lower rates.
  3. Assure Medical directives, Living Wills, and Wills are prepared and in place.
  4. Visit the sick at home, in the hospital, and in Assisted Living Homes.
  5. Provide patient medical services such as CTs/MRIs.
  6. Assist with Eye Care and Dental Providers who provide services to CHP patients at a reduced rate.
  7. Provide medical equipment as needed (such as wheel-chairs, canes, etc.)
  8. Counsel patients and directs them to professionals when needed.
  9. Assure Disability Income is generated properly, filed and in many cases wins cases for his patients that are in most need of the income.
  10. Find boarding for a horse and transport horses in order to assist a patient’s family.
  11. Provide hay for patient’s livestock.
  12. Assist in the acquisition of vehicles for those in need.
  13. Speak for the patients and in their behalf when a personal matter and situation turns from bad to worse.

Q: I see that Lou Yeager does a lot for CHP, is there any one else working behind the scenes?

A: Yes.

Click here to see a listing of the CHP board of directors

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